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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Breakout Could See Small Pullback

The bitcoin market rallied to $9,400 and the overall market structure is very bullish. But if demand fails to break through overhanging support, we could retest the $8,500 to $8,600 zone.
Bitcoin Price Is Up

The bitcoin price is rising.


  1. The slow grind that the bitcoin market saw last week finally resulted in a breakout that caused the market to rally to $9,400.
  2. We are currently seeing a round of supply hitting the market, but the overall market structure is very bullish. There are a lot of analogues between our current market structure and our previous consolidating market structure of a couple of months ago.
  3. If demand fails to break through this overhanging support, we could potentially return to retest the $8,500 to $8,600 zone. If that level fails there will be a nice buying opportunity available in the $8,100s. The $8,100s is a band of weekly resistance that our market managed to break through and will likely spark some short closures combined with long interest.

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