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Bitcoin Magazine Congratulates BitPremier on Their Site Launch

Op-ed - Bitcoin Magazine Congratulates BitPremier on Their Site Launch

Today, BitPremier launched its new business and services with the goal of, “redefining the Bitcoin marketplace like never before.” BitPremier provides an opportunity for merchants to sell upscale products and real estate to the Bitcoin community. On day one, BitPremier is featuring a Bahamas Resort Ocean View Condo, Trump Soho Hotel Condominium, paintings such as LeRoy Neiman Basketball Stars, and designer watches as jewelry such as a Ulysse Nardin GMT Perpetual Watch. One of the best features of the site is the continuously updated BTC price along with the USD price.

The overall imaging of the site is conducive to sale of high quality products: a black and white color scheme, leaving the rest of the space up to each merchant to fill in with a vibrant picture of their real estate, art work, or upscale product. The simple design allows merchants to highlight their luxurious products and sites. As BitPremier’s mission is to provide Bitcoin currency holders access to unique, high-end luxury items, each merchant has a generous feature page to highlight their product. The site also has built-in features to safeguard merchants and customers through keeping both parties anonymous until the transaction is near completion. Due to the higher prices associated with merchandise, BitPremier does offer escrow services to secure payment on items until both parties have fully signed off on the purchase. In addition to ad placement on the BitPremier website, merchants can also be featured on BitPremier’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Bitcoin Magazine had the opportunity to interview Alan Silbert of BitPremier.

Bitcoin Magazine : When did you first hear about and get involved in the Bitcoin currency?
Alan Silbert: Earlier this year Bitcoins were brought to my attention as something that could have enormous potential. I started digging in, and became more and more intrigued with the concept. I now firmly believe that Bitcoins are going to be a game-changer and a big disruptor in finance.

BM: How did you first get involved in the Bitcoin currency?
AS: Outside of schooling myself on Bitcoin 101 day and night, I started as an investor in the currency. I made a point to test drive the different exchanges to understand the complexities of Bitcoin.

BM: When did you first get the idea for BitPremier and what inspired you to create the site?
AS: The idea has been in the works for a couple months. There is really nothing out there quite like BitPremier, so we were glad to jump in and fill the void. We want to open the door to unique items for the Bitcoin community that people don’t have access to today. There are a lot of Bitcoins out there, and people need somewhere to spend them. We think will fill that need by providing a central go-to marketplace for these higher-end goods and services.

BM: Were there any preexisting businesses that inspired you to create BitPremier?
AS: 1stdibs, James Edition, and the Dupont Registry are good models for luxury marketplaces. Those are great sites for unique purchases.

BM: Where do you see BitPremier’s services going in a year?
AS: We will of course firmly plant ourselves as THE Bitcoin luxury go-to site! I have a few ideas of where we are going. Stay tuned . . .

BM: What makes BitPremier stand out in comparison to other sites utilizing the Bitcoin currency?
AS: BitPremier is a one-of-a-kind site, so there is nothing similar in the market right now to compare us to. It opens up to the Bitcoin community a whole new realm of possibilities of where to spend their Bitcoins, and provides sellers of luxury items with a mostly untapped $1B+ market of buyers to sell to. We screen listings to provide buyers with the best experience possible, and act as escrow agent to facilitate a safe transaction where everyone is happy.

BM: What are your suggestions for individuals hoping to start a business like BitPremier?
AS: Research Bitcoins inside and out, because there is plenty to learn and a lot of tech-speak. But there are tons of possibilities. We are only at the beginning of the curve, so the opportunities out there for entrepreneurs to build out the Bitcoin ecosystem are endless.

BM: If I am a merchant looking to sell through your site, how can I get started?
AS: Sellers can check out the “How it Works” page on to get acquainted with the site and review our listing criteria. Sellers can then register through our “Seller Signup” page to submit their listings. We reach out to the seller, verify the listing, edit it, and post it on the site.

BitPremier received support from the NYC-based Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. The BOF has also invested in CoinLab, BitPay, BitSpend, OpenCoin/Ripple, Coinsetter, Tradehill, and Coinapult. We encourage you to check out BitPremier!