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This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

With the world of cryptocurrency abuzz with skyrocketing prices of bitcoin and other crypto assets, Invictus Capital’s community reward token ICAP — distributed to investors for locking up their fund investments for predetermined periods of time — is offering an alternative way for investors to pad their portfolio and benefit from a new paradigm enabled by blockchain technology where customers and businesses can mutually benefit from a well-designed system of incentives that help drive platform adoption.

Invictus is a company dedicated to allowing investors access to a myriad of innovative, alternative investment funds with exposure to cryptocurrencies, blockchain venture capital, renewable energy, gold and more — all leveraging the power of blockchain technology to facilitate the entire investment and redemption process seamlessly and efficiently.

This year’s January launch of the Invictus token (or ICAP) is a continuation of the trend of innovative offerings — and has coincided with rapid growth in assets under management (AUM) to over $100 million. ICAP derives its value from having a portion of all the fund’s management and performance fees allocated to purchasing ICAP from the secondary market, and it's thus no surprise that the ICAP price has exploded over 400% alongside this AUM growth.

The firm is a pioneer in, and has had a large interest in, the world of cryptocurrency even before this recent rally. The company launched the world’s first cryptocurrency index fund, C20, in 2017. This was followed up with the world’s first tokenized venture capital fund in Hyperion and the subsequent launch of the C10 and IBA crypto funds (alongside other tokenized alternative investment funds). Though these standing commitments to the world of cryptocurrency are substantial, ICAP offers an additional leg up for investors looking to juice their Invictus investment returns with no additional risk.

“The bitcoin rally has inspired a new breed of investors, and the ICAP rewards program is fit to cater to this 21st century investor,” Andrew Knight, Invictus’s vice president of analytics, explained. “Invictus Capital offers a range of tokenized investment funds, spanning across the full spectrum of risk profiles. The Invictus community is able to stake their fund tokens and earn additional returns in the form of ICAP tokens. Ten percent of all fee revenue earned by Invictus is then used to buy ICAP off the secondary market, creating perpetual organic demand and price support.”

Returns offered by locking up your Invictus fund tokens range from around 3% to 7% per annum at current ICAP prices (on top of any token price appreciation). However, with the company’s current trajectory for AUM and fee earnings, ICAP could find its price shooting up the charts even faster than the new breakneck standard set by 2021’s bitcoin boom, meaning returns may turn out to be far greater — all with no additional risk.

To learn more about ICAP, please consult the comprehensive “litepaper” here. The token’s performance and outlook are also discussed in the company’s most recent quarterly report — with the section set to become a staple inclusion. The March addition of a liquidity mining program to boost ICAP liquidity on Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, offers investors the potential to compound their returns even further, read more here.