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North American Bitcoin Conference Set to Shake Up Miami

Op-ed - North American Bitcoin Conference Set to Shake Up Miami

Bitcoin is taking off globally. One of the optimal ways for Bitcoiners and those interested in learning more to meet together is through conferences. This past year, the number of Bitcoin related conferences increased exponentially. Having taken part in several, some of the highlights are excellent speakers, a time to be reunited with old friends, and most importantly opportunities to network, share ideas and even, in some cases, meet potential business partners. The North American Bitcoin Conference, set to take place in Miami, Florida from January 25-26 2014 will be one of the premier conferences of this year.

After the success of the European Bitcoin Convention in Amsterdam of September of this year, Moe Levin immediately began planning the next big conference of the year and chose the Bitcoin hot-spot location of Miami. Currently, the Miami International Bitcoin community is one of the largest Bitcoin communities in the US with regular meet-ups, speaking circuits and an active forum community. I personally can not think of a better spot for the next big Bitcoin Conference.

Moe Levin sent out the following press release this week:


More than 500 bitcoin community members will soon be diverging on Miami for a direction-setting conference aimed at driving the currency from speculation to mainstream. Building on the recent success of the European Bitcoin Convention, the North American Bitcoin Conference will hit Miami Beach on the 25th and 26th of January, 2014.

Rich in potential and steeped in controversy, bitcoin is a radically new kind of money that operates without governments or banks. Already available and in limited use, bitcoin has recently become a hot topic thanks to intense value-fluctuations, political pressure and surging media attention.

In response to these changes in the bitcoin landscape, the North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC) intends to bring focus to the divergent bitcoin community that now includes enthusiasts, speculators, business-users and politicians. To ensure hard-hitting outcomes, speakers will include Roger Ver, Charlie Schrem, Tony Gallippi and Charlie Lee amongst others.

As part of its mission to grow bitcoin use, the NABC will also offer workshops targeted at merchants, and act as a forum for vendors, exhibitors, and recent bitcoin startups to share their latest innovations and inform discussions. In addition, regulators, banks and government officials will be on hand to lead panel discussions that are light on fluff and heavy on content.

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