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Money 20/20 Incentivises Attendees with Bitcoin

Op-ed - Money 20/20 Incentivises Attendees with Bitcoin

Bitcoin took Money 20/20 by storm in 2012, and since then the topic of digital currency has remained a topic that has raised eyebrows of many in the financial services industry. This, the third year of the conference, Money 20/20 has remained supportive of its newest payment technology. This week, the organizer announced an incentive for all attendees to drive registrations. Only during the week of August 11, Money 20/20 is offering 0.1BTC for anyone registering as a paid attendee.

The five-day event is one of the leading global events for innovations in money. To be held the first week of November, the conference will bring together more than 6,500 attendees, as well as feature over 500 CEOs of over 2,500 countries around the world. For Bitcoiners, Money 20/20 is very likely the most popular event to spread the word on the advancements in digital currency and blockchain technology. With companies like BitPay, Chain, Coinbase, Armory and Circle in attendance, Bitcoin will yet again be a large focus throughout the event.

Money 20/20 will provide broad coverage of cryptocurrencies and feature over 40 speakers addressing a wide range of topics during the three days of programming called (Bit)coin World. The primary goal of these discussions will be to increase awareness of technologies, companies and applications, all while working to advance innovations in the payments and financial services space. (Bit)coin World will bring together two disconnected sectors of the industry, that of the cryptocurrency and distributed payment protocol sector and mainstream financial services. The inclusion of Bitcoin matches the event’s outlook on promoting a world where all commerce is a connected experience, one that can be done anywhere and and anytime. “Money 20/20 is unique in the ability to cross-pollinate this new and important sector with the more established segments of the money ecosystem,” an organizer stated in a recent article.

Attendees and sponsors are still able to purchase tickets and sponsorship packages using Bitcoin, a payment method that made its debut at last year’s event. Organizers are working hard to expand the use of Bitcoin by offering the exciting incentive to innovators in the payment and financial service industries that choose to attend Money 20/20.

The Bitcoin incentive was decided after a survey of thousands of attendees that have already registered for the event, with a reward of 0.01BTC for completing the survey. A link was provided for participants to set up a Coinbase wallet, and the response was huge. Over 29 percent of respondents provided a bitcoin address. Based on the response, Money 20/20 decided to expand the incentive to drive event registration and offer the 0.1BTC reward this week only.

To take advantage of the 0.1BTC incentive and to attend Money 20/20 beginning on November 2 in Las Vegas, be sure to check out With more companies entering the cryptocurrency space and continued innovations, it is likely that Bitcoin and distributed payment protocol technologies will play an even larger role at this year’s conference.