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What to Expect at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo

Op-ed - What to Expect at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo

In two weeks the crypto community will take Canada by storm at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo 2014. Organized by The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, the conference will span three days, from April 11 to 13. Earlier today, Bitcoin Expo announced exhibitors, sponsors and conference highlights that attendees can look forward to at the first-ever event of its kind in Toronto.

The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada aims to raise awareness of Bitcoin among Canadian consumers, merchants and policy makers. The organization has a strong focus on the adoption of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies throughout Canada, while also promoting Canadian participation in international partnerships and associations. The Toronto Bitcoin Expo 2014 serves as a vehicle to achieve these goals by supporting efforts to study, research and discuss cryptocurrencies at a global level.

The Bitcoin Expo 2014 program will focus on the financial, societal, legal, regulatory and technological impact of cryptocurrencies, with a schedule that spans over 50 sessions. The event will feature some of the top companies in virtual currency including Ethereum, CaVirtex, Shopify, Butterfly Labs, BitPay, KryptoKit, QuickBT, LeetCoin, Bitprint and other market leaders. The April conference will feature more than 50 speakers from all aspects of cryptocurrency, with Andreas Antonopoulos serving as Master of Ceremonies. Furthermore, Bitcoin Magazine will also serve as Media Partner.

According to The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, “the Bitcoin Expo 2014 will provide unique opportunities for businesses, consumers, developers, innovators and the general public to connect.” The conference will be organized as a non-profit event, with proceeds from the event going to Bitcoin Alliance of Canada’s initiatives and programs.

Attendees will gain expertise in an abundance of topics with speeches from Andreas Antonopoulos, a global authority and prolific Bitcoin spokesperson; Jason King of Sean’s Outpost, Bitcoin activist Cody R. Wilson; Joseph David, CEO of Canada’s largest Bitcoin exchange CaVirtex; and Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum. These speakers will focus on the future of cryptocurrencies and the role that finance, society, regulation play in continued adoption.

The conference will give insight into some controversial topics, help spread knowledge of cryptocurrencies, and provide attendees with valuable information regardless of experience level. The Toronto Bitcoin Expo will revolve around topics including the evolution of money and banking, the new financial services ecosystem, safe Bitcoin storage techniques, the new cryptocurrency monetary era, Bitcoin as a charitable donation, alternative coins and branded coins, comparing Bitcoin to gold, and decentralized applications enabled by cryptocurrency platforms to name a few. The full conference program is available here.

Also taking place at the conference will be the In Crypto We Trust Hackathon, a 30-hour hackathon focused on Applications for Cryptographic Ledger Platforms. Before Bitcoin Expo 2014 begins, the hackathon will take place April 10-11 at Bitcoin Decentral. Teams will be competing for prizes and contracts by building innovative application prototypes on cryptographic ledger platforms. The In Crypto We Trust Hackathon will be one of the first of its kind to take place in Toronto.

Bitcoin Expo 2014 will have 200 free tickets available to a Bitcoin tutorial session taking place on Saturday morning. For those looking to attend the conference there are three ticket options, Standard, Premium and VIP.

For additional information, to purchase tickets or view complete schedule, visit