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This is a promoted article provided by Bitcoin Black Friday.

Bitcoin Black Friday, the annual holiday providing major discounts on Bitcoin-focused gear and other items for customers paying with bitcoin, will be donating proceeds from a unique range of collectibles and experiences to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, a humanitarian organization that turns bitcoin donations into charitable action around the world.

For 2021, Bitcoin Black Friday is running from November 26 through December 26, and has a goal of raising $25,000 for the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. To do so, it has curated the most unique list of Bitcoin collectibles and experiences ever put up for sale.

Listed collectibles, which are quickly being sold out, include an issue of a local newspaper from the day that El Salvador put its historic Bitcoin law into effect and a 3D-printed model of a bitcoin mining farm based in Norway.

And listed one-of-a-kind, Bitcoin-focused experiences include a Miami booze cruise with “Orange Pill Podcast” hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, a VIP experience for Bitcoin 2022’s upcoming Sound Money Fest music festival and more.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation will use the proceeds to provide access to education, technology, and resources to Isla Tasajera, a local community in El Salvador. Specifically, the donation will be funding the repairs of a local school, the creation of a technology center that features laptops and internet capabilities, as well as the purchase of a boat that will be used by residents for groceries, commuting and general transportation. To date, the organization has built six schools and seven water wells, serving 60,000 people in Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, India and El Salvador.