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Watch the Clock – Oregon Scientific to Accept Bitcoin

Op-ed - Watch the Clock – Oregon Scientific to Accept Bitcoin

Simplicity is everything. That is what Oregon Scientific, leading provider of useful innovation designed to promote better health and living spaces, believes. Their smart living ideas embrace innovations that help individuals live smarter, providing leading brands of weather radios, clocks and electronics. Best of all – Oregon Scientific will soon accept Bitcoin.The company was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1989 and since then has become the go-to source for all lifestyle improving technologies. The company is backed by 16 marketing and distribution offices with various manufacturing facilities around the world. The company invests heavily in research and development, building each product while maintaining five key standards: creativity, intelligence, harmonious design, user-friendly function and dependability.The decision to accept the digital currency was sparked from CEO Dr. Raymond Chan’s progressive vision in addition to Bitcoin’s strong media presence. “Oregon Scientific is always looking for innovation and ways to connect with consumers,” stated Guillermo Ginesta, the company’s Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Assistant Manager. “The goal is to provide a real life alternative for people to actually use Bitcoin.”The company initially planned to begin accepting Bitcoin on their e-commerce site in Q2 of 2014, but due to the positive customer response, Oregon Scientific has decided to move up the date to within five weeks. By partnering with BitPay, a Bitcoin payment processor, the company will soon be able to accept Bitcoin using BitPay’s Bitcoin Payment Gateway API. The excitement level at the customer level is very high and Oregon Scientific will likely see increased traffic and sales of their electronics designed for simplified living.Dr. Raymond Chan, CEO stated in a recent press release, “The adoption of Bitcoin is actually an extension of our pledge. We are not only pioneering on our products, but also on the way we serve our customers. We’re always open to any forward-thinking ideas that can bring convenience to our customers. This pledge has enabled us to build lasting relationships with customers all over the world.”Oregon Scientific provides a wide range of consumer technology including weather stations, digital and atomic clocks, sports electronics, bluetooth and mobile accessories, in addition to health and wellness products. Because Oregon Scientific provides technology to over 35 major countries, their adoption of Bitcoin will enable the company to accept payments from anywhere in the world, while saving on processing fees.Much like what Bitcoin does for businesses, Oregon Scientific provides useful innovation through technology with a focus on taking the hassle out of everyday life, allowing the consumer to focus on what matters most.As a BitPay merchant, Oregon Scientific will be accepting Bitcoin across all platforms of their e-commerce community, providing large electronics brands to America and throughout the world. “Bitcoin is a huge trend and we want to be ahead of the curve. Our ultimate goal is to provide a real life alternative for people to actually use Bitcoin, and people are very excited about when they can use it and how it will be done,” explains Ginesta.Oregon Scientific will help bring Bitcoin to the common consumer and grow the entire Bitcoin community. The rollout will happen any day in the coming weeks. Set your alarm and watch the clock, and if you don’t have one – just visit Oregon Scientific.