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I would like to give credit for the inception of this article to one of my Twitter Spaces friends, “Ant” (@2140data).

I have been trying to analogize Bitcoin to a creature or organism that is constantly evolving, adapting and surviving as it gets attacked over and over again. I came up with ideas like viruses, the earth and certain animals but when Ant likened Bitcoin to the Marvel Comics Sentinels, I had my "ah hah" moment. This was the best analogy for me because I can remember the nostalgia of watching Saturday morning X-Men cartoons while eating my bowl of Fruit Loops.

For those that don't know, Sentinels in the popular 1990s cartoon show, X-Men, were created by humans to fight mutants and they had the incredible ability to adapt and evolve to whatever mutant that they were trying to fight.

If the Sentinels were being attacked by Colossus, who is known for his super strength and impenetrable metal body, the Sentinels were able to become super strong and develop impenetrable metal bodies.

When the Sentinels fought Magneto, who possessed magnetic powers to control metals, they were able to change the molecular composition of their metal bodies to a non-metallic material so that Magneto could not manipulate or control them.

One of the most powerful mutants was Mystique, who could change into whatever mutant that she wanted to. The Sentinels were programmed to have Mystique's ability to turn into any mutant and wield their powers, which made them even more powerful and unstoppable!

Satoshi Nakamoto engineered the most powerful Sentinel known to the mutant world: Bitcoin. Satoshi's Sentinels are so powerful because they are programmable and can destroy any mutants such as governments, countries, Elon Musk, Peter Schiff, Nouriel Roubini, Steve Hanke and any other mutant that dares attack them.

When Satoshi's Sentinels fought Elon Musk's green energy FUD "powers", they reprogrammed themselves to evolve into even more energy efficient Sentinels by integrating more green energy into their network.

When Satoshi's Sentinels fight the intolerable mutant Peter Schiff and his century old "gold powers," Satoshi's Sentinels punch him in the face with more adoption as a store of value. Satoshi's Sentinel's eyes shoot Schiff with their golden laser beams as they become more stable, hard and long lasting money like gold. Satoshi's Sentinels’ golden bodies glimmer in victory as Schiff continues to be the "Old Man yelling at Bitcoin" meme.

Satoshi's Sentinels continue to fight mutants like the annoying Nouriel Roubini and uninformed Steve Hanke who try to fight it with their "economist powers.” Satoshi's Sentinels battle their powers by becoming more integrated into the world economy. Satoshi's Sentinels’ decentralized, economic programming continues to destroy the negative, poisonous narratives that these two "powerful" Ph.D. economists spew. Satoshi's Sentinels absorb this poison and become immune to these two malicious mutants. Satoshi's Sentinels continue to slowly destroy Hanke's and Roubini's narrative that bitcoin is a bubble in the same way the Internet was a bubble. Unbeknownst to these mutant ignoramuses, this exponential "bubble," which is typical of all new technologies, is going to become the new monetary network that they say is not possible.

There will be thousands of other mutants that try to fight Satoshi's Sentinels but the Sentinels will continue to adapt, evolve and become immune. This is because Satoshi's engineers will continue to reprogram his Sentinels as long as there is consensus among the nodes and miners.

One of the most powerful mutants ever known in Marvel Comics was Apocalypse. Apocalypse was an immortal mutant who could become stronger as he siphoned strength from his enemies. Satoshi's Sentinels are currently fighting this super powerful, Apocalypse-like mutant known as the central banks. Satoshi's Sentinel's are slowly destroying the central bank's age-old ability to suck away the purchasing power of humans and render their hard work valueless. Ninety-nine percent of the world has still not called upon Satoshi's Sentinels to fight the central bank's monetary-siphoning powers. Nevertheless, Satoshi's Sentinels continue to propagate and integrate themselves into this powerful monetary mutant's legal tender laws, energy systems and geopolitics.

The moral of the story for the monetary mutants that want to fight Satoshi's Sentinels is to not fight them because they will lose. Satoshi's Sentinels will continue to evolve and adapt as Satoshi's engineers make them bigger, faster and stronger. Satoshi's Sentinels continue to play out their monetary game theory with the mutants and are now playing X-Men: Endgame.

Once again, thank you Ant (@2140data) for the inspiration to write this article. I had fun writing this one!

This is a guest post by Jeremy Garcia. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.