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LocalBitcoins’ Motorcycle Trek Through Africa: Southbound through Morocco


Change happens all around us. For Moroccans, it shows up as a kiss that sends a couple to jail. For them, change comes as plans are made to have solar panel and wind turbine power plants send clean electricity throughout Morocco. And it comes as brave motorcyclists ride through dark and daylight, exchanging Bitcoins as they go.


The motorcycle shows Borja’s current location.

Borja and Elvis are currently south of Essaouria and Borja recently sent me a summary of his progress.

“Today we took our bikes from the boat and crossed the border. This was very easy, because it was the second time that we did it. We had some help of a local motorbike rider that we helped after he punctured his back wheel. After that, we went to Tanger center and were a bit lost, because our GPS [didn ’t] work properly. We had a very good meal [facing] the beach at the restaurant called Ali Baba.

We changed the tires of my bike for two more prepared for the trials and enduro.

Half an hour ago, I did my first exchange of Bitcoins…”

This tweet describes the details of his first exchange.

@borjaserra#BitcoinAfrica just made their first exchange in #morocco@LocalBitcoins@BitcoinBash Price was 1100 MAD for 1 BTC…

— flix1 (@flix1) October 12, 2013

We’ll keep you posted as Borja progresses south through Morocco into the next country.