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Coinpunk is Making an Unbannable iOS Wallet


Apple has been slashing and dashing apps that serve as Bitcoin wallets or even connect to other 3rd party wallets. Here is a short list of the companies affected by Apple’s ban.

If you haven’t seen Apple’s take down message here is a taste of what Bitcoin iOS developers have seen:

“We found that your app contains content – or facilitates, enables, or encourages an activity – that is not legal in all the locations in which the app is available, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.
Specifically, the facilitation of trading of virtual currency is not appropriate for the App Store.
We encourage you to review your app concept and evaluate whether you can incorporate
different content and features that are in compliance with the Guidelines.
If you wish to appeal your review, you can submit a request to the App Review Board. The App Review Board was created for developers to appeal an app review they have concerns with. Please be as specific as possible when explaining why you believe your app is in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.”

Coinpunk is raising funds to develop an unbannable iOS Bitcoin wallet that runs using HTML which can be loaded on the Safari app. Kyle Drake, the main developer behind Coinpunk, has started an Indiegogo campaign today.

Kyle plans on using the Indiegogo funds to pay for the effort involved in adding the following features:

– Standalone/browser store versions

- Integrated support for cold wallets

- More modular code that becomes a first-class Node.js citizen

- Altcoin support

- Fully open source

The donation tiers available start at $25 which will get you Coinpunk stickers and go all the way up to $10k, which gets you a trip to Portland, Bitcoin bar crawl, and other interesting perks.

Indiegogo has yet to enable support for Bitcoins, but you can still toss Kyle BTCs using the address listed on the page and emailing your transaction id.

To get a sample of what the web wallet will look like, try his web wallet out (

While Apple may be preparing to release its own payment system, there’s no reason to spoil the party for Bitcoin lovers who own iPhones. Go and check out Kyle’s campaign at Indiegogo.


If you scroll waaaay down to the bottom of the donation tiers you will see a Dogecoin tier for $20k. This isn’t just for dogecoin, but funding to implement many other cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin and Litecoin are accepted for this donation level. As Kyle says in the description of this tier, “Many currencies, such useful.”


This is my first dogecoin meme so please be kind.

; ) D5dnjBfuP8FsFAvYMW5hXyyvtpZrjidEub