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This is an opinion editorial by Stacy Herbert, co-host of the Orange Pill Podcast and co-founder of El Zonte Capital, focused on funding Bitcoin startups in El Salvador.

El Salvador became #Bitcoin country on September 7, 2021 and, importantly, remains #Bitcoin country one year later on September, 7 2022.

That El Salvador would remain Bitcoin country was not, of course, the predatory expectations of the shitcoin charlatans and digital Cantillionaires who showed up in droves, carrying black briefcases in the metaverse stuffed with pre-mined insider tokens with which they hoped to corrupt the political class with their free Web3 money, while relentlessly tweeting at the president to push these same bags of pure turd onto the nation.

Meet the new printing press, same as the old printing press.

Their expectations were, in fact, that El Salvador was “low-hanging fruit.”

Hey, Siri, define “low-hanging fruit”:

Proof-of-stake tokens are designed exactly to persuade with no more effort than “ctrl + p.”

Don’t believe me? Watch one of these lazy proof-of-stake bums in action just one month after the Bitcoin law had passed:

Influencers also piled on to berate El Salvador for choosing FU hard AF money over the since-imploded Silicon Valley easy money pyramid scheme mentioned in the tweet above:

Search Twitter and you will see for yourself that this scheme is just one of the many proof-of-stake tokens and Web 3/metaverse projects that targeted El Salvador’s president in the early days of the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender. The president was bombarded by them. 

And if it weren’t for President Bukele being based AF, El Salvador would no doubt be on a SANGO Coin road to rekt standard if these perpetual motion machine operators had their way.

El Salvador, however, is Bitcoin Country and remains Bitcoin Country for a reason. And only one reason:

While he was, of course, inspired by the amazing Bitcoin community in El Zonte, President Bukele alone had the courage to stand up to the United States and all of the global institutions like the IMF (purveyor of the SDR token) arrayed against him and adopt bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador on September 7, 2021.

And so began the greatest rebrand in history. The Lorenzo de Medici of our day who has begun the transformation of El Salvador into Florence 2.0. Just as the most perfect money of its day, the florin, dragged Europe out of the Dark Ages and into one of the greatest ages of innovation, discovery and creativity the world has ever seen, so too is bitcoin transforming El Salvador to a place of excellence and opportunity. The best minds are now attracted to President Bukele’s model of economic liberty. In the decades before Bukele, the population, terrorized by gangs and corrupt politics, had fled the nation. Now, many are returning. And so one of the most violent nations in the world can become the most peaceful. Prosperity will follow.

And while bitcoin means that El Salvador remains truly sovereign in both attitude and in FU money fact, it also means that today it is not the backyard of America, nor is it under the thumb of some United Shitcoin Company.

This is what success looks like.

El Salvador is #Bitcoin country.

Happy Birthday.

This is a guest post by Stacy Herbert. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.