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In this video, we examine how human societies managed to exceed Dunbar’s number. With the invention of belief in the supernatural came the ability to rally large groups of humans around a common cause. Power-hungry sociopaths have used this as a tool for controlling people since the invention of ceremonial burial. This allowed them to manipulate people and to motivate them into going to war with other tribes.

The concept of the nation state wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for collective belief systems. In today’s society, the promise of a better life after this one has been replaced by another promise: the promise of a better life, here and now, through money. The banks have replaced the churches. The ideas of John Locke gave us secular states, but the divine right of the ruling class was never really abandoned. Fiat money is just as much a belief system as faith in supernatural deities is. To emancipate yourself, you’ll need to abandon belief in authority altogether. There’s only one way out of our current systems and that is through Bitcoin.

This video was inspired by an article authored by Knut Svanholm on titled “The Separation of Money and State.”