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Bitcoin Gambling with Live Dealers: An Interview with SatoshiLive (Preview)


In a time where SatoshiDice can be sold for about 12 million dollars, and other successful gambling sites can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, online bitcoin gambling is off to a lucrative start.

Bitcoin gambling differs from other forms of gambling by providing a layer of authenticity through shared algorithms that show customers the site is provably fair. Other sites like go above and beyond by having a live chat and letting folks invest their money along with the site.

Satoshi Live wants to take this concept even further, by providing live dealers for players to interact with. Steve, from SatoshiLive, has taken the time to explain their concept.

Ruben Alexander: What inspired Satoshi Live?

Steve Hoffman: We love bitcoins and online gaming, and there was a void in the market for such a site, it was a perfect match. The online live casinos out there don’t have the flexibility and speed that bitcoins offer for deposits and withdrawals. The bitcoin casinos out there now don’t provide a real live gaming experience, we wanted to recreate a real casino experience with live dealers that players can interact with in real time. It’s as close to the real thing as possible.

RA: How can a player use Satoshi Live?

SH: Registration is easy. Simply sign up with a username of your choice along with an email address and you’re good to go. We never ask for ID or any other types of documentation.

RA: Why do you offer live dealers?

SH: Live dealers offer a gaming experience which simple software based gaming sites can’t. It’s not the same as sending your bitcoins to a site and waiting for that site to send you more/less bitcoins back. SatoshiLive offers is a true gaming experience, in real time with real people.

RA: Why are you requiring an account to play?

SH: We thought about this during development, and our main point was for customer support, if they need anything or have any questions they can always contact us with their user names and we can provide solid customer support. We also want to provide bonuses for all our loyal players and the account was necessary for us to have in order to provide the loyalty program.