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The third episode of “The Biz” with John Carvalho has been unlocked! In this episode, Carvalho hosted veteran mining expert and expert witness, Kristy-Leigh Minehan.

This interview covered rare topics about early Bitcoin mining players like Avalon, creators of the first ever ASIC mining machine, and Friedcat from ASICMINER, the first mass-produced Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer.

Minehan gave insight on the current mining industry and what mining investors should expect if trying to launch a new farm, including starting budgets and more. Minehan also took the time to contrast the Bitcoin and altcoin mining worlds, giving examples of how they differ.

You can listen to this episode for free, but Bitcoiners need to visit to contribute to unlocking the latest “crowdwall” for episode four with Joshua Unseth. “The Biz” is funded with a unique, crowdfunded paywall model. Every contribution helps to unlock the audio incrementally, until the total goal is reached and then all of the audio becomes free for everyone. Users can pay with BTC on-chain, or with BTC on the Lightning Network.

50% of contributions are donated to an open-source Bitcoin project. For this episode, 1,500,000 sats were awarded to, thanks to visitors at