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Chase Perkins, the founder of, joined Christian Keroles for a rare in-person interview at the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami.

Perkins is building a Layer 3 technology on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which unlocks Lightning-based applications. is building an API which would unlock the Lightning app layer and create apps that are censorship resistant, permissionless and utilize Lighting keys as identity. This is the next step in Lightning and Bitcoin, offering an alternative infrastructure to the entire traditional internet stack. Projects like this demonstrate that we are moving into a world where the internet is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and Impervious is a promising project building tools to make Lightning-based apps possible.

Impervious is launching first with a completely Lighting-based VPN service that leverages Bitcoin native payments and Lighting identity to offer a VPN in a completely new way. VPNs, or virtual private networks, allow users to route their data traffic in an identity-obscuring way, hiding their IP addresses when using the internet and better protecting their privacy.

Perkins has extremely high hopes for where Lighting and Layer 3 can take Bitcoin and humanity. Perkins is committed to building out this necessary infrastructure and thinks he has the right team to do it. comes highly recommended by the folks at Lightning Labs, as well.