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Foundry Digital, a provider of intelligence and capital for Bitcoin mining solutions to institutions, has announced a grant of 1 bitcoin to, a popular open source Bitcoin blockchain explorer, in an effort to boost the Bitcoin ecosystem’s security and transparency.

In addition to the Bitcoin grant, Foundry have announced they will help develop mining features and tools, including an open transaction acceleration marketplace and a mining dashboard for the website. is already a go to block explorer for miners, as it visualizes the probable next blocks based on the current mempool, and shows current transaction fees in the mempool.

Users run their own local version of the Bitcoin block explorer through, which helps decentralize the way users interact with the protocol. By cutting out third parties from the process the security for users is also increased.

Jay Beddict, Director of Research at Foundry commented: “In line with our mission to empower a decentralized infrastructure, Foundry is committed to contribute to open-source projects like who are working on solutions to make Bitcoin more resilient, private, secure, and usable. Block explorers are a critical component of infrastructure for all users to access on chain data.”

Wiz of commented: “The team at Foundry really seem to have the interests of the Bitcoin community at heart.”

He concluded, “We’re honored to collaborate with them on the new mining visualization features that will become part of The Mempool Open Source Project.”