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Distributed Event Series and the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network Present:

- Distributed Event Series and the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network Present:

In partnership with the Distributed Event Series and the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network, "Distributed Dialogues" gives listeners a detailed look into the cryptocurrency and enterprise blockchain ecosystem by giving voice to the people, ideas and projects that make it possible. 

Jennifer O'Rourke on the Illinois Blockchain Initiative and the "correct" digital identity solution.

This first episode of "Distributed Dialogues" features an interview with Jennifer O'Rourke, former business liaison with the Illinois Blockchain Initiative. The Initiative took a three-pronged strategy to quickly gain knowledge, facilitate development of the technology ecosystem and actively experiment with blockchain technology. The strategy focused on education, events and the state's own attempt to create roadmaps for five pilot projects using a blockchain: land title registry, academic credentials, health title registries, energy credit marketplaces and digital identity solutions.

The state's exploration into digital identity solutions using a blockchain allowed them to pin point what they believe is the best model for a digital identity on the blockchain. 

Proof of Identity

(Above: Proof of Identity Infographic from white paper by Australia Post and Boston Consulting Group.)

"We were able to see there was a very particular type of distributed ledger best suited for this type of a use case," said O'Rourke. "And that is the model of decentralized IDs and verifiable claims, because it allows that information to be securely transmitted without actually being etched to a blockchain itself."

O'Rourke believes creating a holistic, blockchain-based identity solution is the pivotal starting point. She has recently left the state organization to launch her own company, an inoperable platform for digital identity records. 

LTBN Round Table

The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network round table features a group of Let's Talk Bitcoin Network podcasters discussing centralized blockchains, technology "sasquatches" and the best and (mostly) worst times to spend bitcoin.

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