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CoinTerra Announces Partnership with Open-Silicon

Op-ed - CoinTerra Announces Partnership with Open-Silicon

On August 5, 2013, CoinTerra, announced its selection of Open-Silicon as their ASIC design and development partner. As a semiconductor engineering company, CoinTerra,seeks Bitcoin mining solutions through using ASICs. With a team of design experts, CoinTerraseeks to produce high quality chips for power-efficient, low-cost, high-performance custom Bitcoin mining solutions.

Leading members of the Bitcoin community have taken to CoinTerra and are choosing to invest. Economist and author of MacroTrends, Tuur Demeester stated, “CoinTerra is my first angel investment in the Bitcoin sphere.” Demeester also expressed that CoinTerra has longterm potential and opportunity for growth: “In the rapidly expanding Bitcoin ecosphere it’s not that difficult to find an investment that will yield you a return on your dollars invested. It is a much greater challenge however, to find an investment that will allow you to make a gain expressed in Bitcoin. That is why I’m keen on investing in the Bitcoin mining sector, which currently has a turnover of 1.3 million bitcoins annually. In the mining sector, CoinTerra struck me as having the strongest team and the greatest long term potential.”

The CoinTerra team issued the following press release:

CoinTerra selects Open-Silicon for next generation BitCoin ASICs

Aug 5th, 2013

Austin, TX. – CoinTerra, a company leading the next wave of silicon-based BitCoin mining, today announced that it has selected Open-Silicon as their ASIC design and development partner. Selecting Open-Silicon paves the way forward to building the highest-performing hashing ASICs available in the market, which consume only a fraction of the power consumed by other mining ASICs.

CoinTerra’s world-class expertise in ASIC architecture combined with Open-Silicon’s track record in ASIC solutions – including design and manufacturing – is a dynamic blend, which will soon result in bringing the most advanced bitcoin mining products to market.

“We selected Open-Silicon because they bring years of experience in getting working silicon to market” said Ravi Iyengar, CEO of CoinTerra Inc. “When you are designing ASICs at the 2Xnm node and below, you need a partner like Open-Silicon who has completed over 300 ASIC solutions, shipped more than 75 million ASICs, and has an outstanding track record of meeting their committed schedules on time.”

“Our expertise and years of experience are well aligned with CoinTerra’s technical needs,” said Dr. Naveed Sherwani, President & CEO of Open-Silicon, Inc. “It is great to work with a company that understands its market and thinks far ahead about its needs and requirements in order to achieve both short-term and long-term goals, ” said Dr. Sherwani.

About CoinTerra CoinTerra is a world-class semiconductor engineering company which designs and produces state-of-the-art Bitcoin ASIC processors and systems. CoinTerra’s superior design methodologies, advanced architectures, economies of scale and vertical integration enable them to deliver Bitcoin mining solutions with the highest performance ASICs for the lowest power and die area. CoinTerra’s mission is to become a reliable and trusted node for transaction clearing on a stable and flourishing Bitcoin network. For more information, visit CoinTerra’s website at

About Open-Silicon

Open-Silicon, a leading supplier and developer of customer-specific products (CSPs), provides ASICs, platforms, concept-to-parts development, customized IP, low-effort derivative design, and state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions. With Open-Silicon, customer’s benefit from global engineering including an ARM® Technology Center of Excellence, advanced SerDes integration, 2.5D interposer-based package engineering, experienced architects, leading-edge physical design methodology, and embedded software development, all leveraging the industry’s best technology from both Open-Silicon and the open market. For more information, visit Open-Silicon’s website at or call 408-240-5700.

Bitcoin Magazine thanks the CoinTerra team for the advancements they are making in the Bitcoin community.