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Op-ed - Evidence of an Expanding Iranian Bitcoin Community

Bitcoin continues to grow in prominence and expand even in some of the most restricted nations in the world. Bitcoin Magazine just recently learned of Poolfa serves as the first BTC/altcoin-specific Persian website. Bitcoin communities around the world are seeking to not only translate Bitcoin news and information sites into different languages but also draw coherent connections between the benefits of Bitcoin and the needs of their society.

Poolfa is a multipurpose site with the aim of educating Iranians on the merits of BTC, dispensing Bitcoin related news, and providing a Bitcoin and Litecoin P2pool for site visitors. From an information angle, Poolfa is developing the first Persian Bitcoin Wiki. To foster discussion among members of the Bitcoin community in Iran, the Poolfa team has also launched a Bitcoin forum similar to the Bitcoin Forum run by Poolfa’s Bitcoin forum provides tutorials on how to navigate the Bitcoin space and even Bitcoin exchange opportunities.

As knowledge is power, Poolfa administrators have taken steps to translate the first resources and letters on Bitcoin for Iranian citizens. Poolfa served as the first website in Iran to translate Satoshi Nakamoto’s first paper and release on the Bitcoin currency into Persian. Poolfa also offers The Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide in Persian.

While the Poolfa team continues to cover Bitcoin related news and developments for the Iranian community, this expanding organization plans to cover emerging virtual currencies in Iran. As societies around the world will begin transition to use digital currencies, Poolfa has taken steps to educate Iranians on the various currency options. Currently, Bitcoin is taking the lead, but Poolfa also exposes readers to Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin has proven to be an asset to Iranians whose rial is suffering from high inflation and an oppressive government, it will be interesting to see how successful additional alternative cryptocurrencies fare in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Through serving the Iranian people as a news blog, forum, wiki page, pool for mining, exchange and translation service, Poolfa is in turn contributing to the Bitcoin community as a whole. With an expanded and empowered user base, Bitcoin will continue to grow in prominence in Iran, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. Bitcoin Magazine thanks Poolfa for taking tangible steps to forge the trail for the Bitcoin community in Iran.