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California’s First Bitcoin ATM Debuting at 500 Startups’ Bitcoinference

Op-ed - California’s First Bitcoin ATM Debuting at 500 Startups’ Bitcoinference

California’s First Bitcoin ATM

Robocoin, a Las Vegas based company specializing in the first bi-directional Bitcoin ATM, will be unveiling California’s first Bitcoin ATM at the 500 Startups’ Bitcoinference. On Thursday, March 20, the company will make buying and selling Bitcoin possible, all from a single machine. Held in Mountain View, California, the sold-out conference will by a half-day “un-conference” featuring industry leading companies throughout the Bitcoin community, as well as speakers from all aspects of cryptocurrency.

Speaking at the Bitcoinference will be Dan Held, Co-founder of ZeroBlock, Connie Gallippi, Founder of the BitGive Foundation, Dave McClure and Sean Percival of 500 Startups, among many others. The 500 Startups’ conference gives attendees the opportunity to join 100+ commerce startups, e-retailers and thought leaders in the industry.

Robocoin will head to Mountain View, the epicenter of technology, to introduce the Robocoin Bitcoin ATM. The company’s technology itself allows customers to exchange Bitcoin and cash. The bi-directional approach provides the ability to both buy and sell Bitcoin, combining the trust and automation of online exchanges from a single ATM.

“We’re setting the precedent for bitcoin ATMs and demonstrating to California’s citizens and regulators just how this exchange should be run with respect to Anti-Money Laundering compliance and consumer protection,” Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley stated. “Our Robocoin Operator shares our vision of bringing bitcoin to the world the right way.”

Robocoin allows customers to buy Bitcoin by using various security measures to verify the user’s identity; all that is needed is a government ID, palm print, email, face and cash. Additionally, Robocoin also gives users the ability to sell Bitcoins by using the same security measures and by sending Bitcoin to Robocoin, receiving a ticket and waiting for one bitcoin confirmation.

The growth of the unique platform has continued since late last year. In October of 2013, Robocoin introduced its first Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, which shortly followed its first ATM in the United States, in Austin, TX. And just last week, the company sent 10 Robocoin units overseas.

The 500 Startups’ Bitcoinference will take place on Thursday, March 20 at 444 Castro Street, #1200 in Mountain View, California. The event begins at 2:00PM.

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Bitcoin ATMs are one of the easiest ways to get cryptocurrency without an exchange account or even a bank account.

About Robocoin

Las Vegas-based Robocoin is a bi-directional ATM that lets customers buy and sell Bitcoin. Robocoin combines the trust and automation of online exchanges with the convenience of in-person transactions. The software and hardware behind Robocoin’s Bitcoin ATM is creating consumer accessibility to digital currency. The inclusion of Biometric hand scanning, government issued ID scanning and webcam were built to adhere to FinCEN law, anti money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.