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Bitcoin Magazine Issue 8 In Print

Op-ed - Bitcoin Magazine Issue 8 In Print

Bitcoin Magazine’s Issue 8 is now available for sale on our website, covering most of the exciting news that we’ve seen happen to the Bitcoin world in the past two months including extended coverage of Mega, BitcoinQt 0.8, Ripple, Bitcoin nonprofits such as PositiveMoney and the Internet Archive and more. In addition, we have also brought back our Bitcoin FAQ from issue 4 in a revamped form. Bitcoin has expanded massively in the past few months, growing for a premature child desperate for its first signs of real adoption to a veritable economic and social powerhouse in its own right, and we at the magazine intend to continue improving the quality of our products and service as we go along this great journey with it.

Since issue 6, Bitcoin Magazine has drastically improved the speed and reliability of its shipping through integration with Amazon services, and with this latest release we are continuing the trend. Issue 8 is now available for purchase on Amazon shipping from the US, UK and Germany, ensuring much faster and more reliable shipping to all of our customers around the world. As usual, the issue will be available in Barnes and Noble starting April 2.

We would also like to give special thanks to BitcoinStore for joining us starting from this issue as an advertiser.