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Bitcoin is just one important aspect of the accelerating changes we see in the contemporary world. From culture and medicine to art and education, the shifts we are beginning to see will undoubtedly only gain momentum in the near future.

One of the events that shines a light on this is the well-established SALT Conference, and the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” was lucky enough to host a conversation with the brains behind this event, Anthony Scaramucci.

Scaramucci is also the founder of SkyBridge, and has had years of experience across different high-powered sectors of the economy. We got into a fascinating conversation centering on the conference, but also delving into many topics including the education system, psychedelics, literature, and so much more.

“Our political class has failed us,” Scaramucci said. “They don't think long-term. They don't think strategically. They react to the efforts of lobbyists, and they react to the efforts of influences of foreign powers, frankly.”

Scaramucci has a very unique take on cryptocurrencies and decentralization and some of his views may not align with the majority of our audience, but they are incredibly thought-provoking and worthwhile for the open minded. So, to hear it all and for a few more reasons to entice you to attend The SALT Conference, be sure to check out this episode.