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Mihai Alisie

Mihai Alisie

Bitcoin Magazine is the realized vision of Mihai. From Issue #1, which was shipped from his living room in Romania, to today Bitcoin Magazine bears Mihai’s imprint. Bitcoin Magazine has grown as he has grown with the magazine. What started out as a team of people that didn’t have any experience in the publishing industry, is now distributing a physical magazine internationally and in Barnes & Noble bookstores across the US. Online we reach more than 100,000 readers. You should be at least as proud as us, if not prouder, of this achievement.

September 6, 2012
Press releases

New Film on the Digital Currency Bitcoin to Celebrate its Premiere in Berlin

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Press Release:  New Film on the Digital Currency Bitcoin to Celebrate its Premiere in  Berlin

An animated short film that informs about the digital currency Bitcoin with typical German humour will be publicly presented in Berlin (Germany) on Thursday, September 6, at 7 PM Central European Time. The  premiere’s venue is the Kreuzberg-based bar Room 77 at Graefestraße 77 –  the only place in Germany (so far) where you can pay for your snacks and  drinks in Bitcoin. Being part of the monthly meeting of the Berlin  Bitcoin Community, the film’s producers will present their work and answer questions.

“As a German company working for a global market, we have decided to  play with our ‘German-ness’ and the stereotypes that come with it”, says Oliver Flaskämper from, the Bitcoin market place, which has  commissioned the film. “The main characters — a rather moony scientist and his robot — speak English with a heavy German accent and treat things with German accuracy.”

“We have produced the film with animators from India whom we met through our international film festival”, explains Aaron Koenig, MD of and the film’s director. “Through this connection we can offer high quality for a relatively modest budget. Of course we paid our  Indian animators in Bitcoin: the wire transfer only took a few seconds and there were no fees involved.”

Bitcoin is a digital, decentralised, peer-to-peer-based currency that  works without a central bank and knows no inflation. Security is guaranteed by advanced cryptographic methods. Bitcoin is also a new global payment system, which enables its users to pay globally, for free and anonymously over the Internet, rendering banks, credit card  companies and other middlemen obsolete.

The market place Bitcoin Germany:

Press contact: Aaron Koenig (