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bitFlyer Launches Simplified Bitcoin Trading Service in the EU

bitFlyer Launches Simplified Bitcoin Trading Service in the EU

The European division of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has introduced “bitFlyer Buy/Sell,” a three-step trading platform.

The European division of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has announced a simplified bitcoin trading service for its local customers. Dubbed “bitFlyer Buy/Sell,” the exchange claims that the new service will allow investors to trade easily without the complexity that comes with some advanced exchanges.

The simplified service adds a new dimension to its suite of products in the EU, which includes bitFlyer Lightning, an exchange service for professional traders.

According to the company announcement, buying or selling digital assets can be accomplished in three steps.

“Check the buy or sell price on the corresponding box … Choose the amount of coin (e.g. 0.003 BTC) you want to buy or sell by filling in the Amount box … Click on ‘Buy Coins’ or ‘Sell Coins,’ then confirm the order. The order is executed without any delay or added fee,” the announcement reads.

The new bitcoin buying and selling service won’t keep an order book, and all trades will be executed for free. For now, users are only able to exchange bitcoin for euros, and the maximum daily transaction limit has been set at 20 BTC.