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Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (BXB) VOL. 3

Bitcoin is drastically expanding in Germany and in particular the capital city of Berlin.  Bitcoin Exchange Berlin will host their third meeting a week from tomorrow on Saturday, August 24 at the Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin to launch a marketplace to buy and sell a variety of products for BTC and additionally buy and sell BTC.  The main purpose of BXB has been to provide the opportunity for members of the Bitcoin community and those interested to meet offline and trade Bitcoins in person.  BXB also allows members of the Bitcoin community to meet and collaborate on ideas to not only expand the Bitcoin community but forward the currency to a higher level of prominence within Berlin, Germany, Europe and around the world.

Specifically on August 24, BXB will provide a marketplace setting for attendees to buy many kinds of products for Bitcoin.  Vendors are welcome to attend and on the spot, BXB staff and Bitcoiners will guide them through setting up wallets and printing out QR codes for their products.  Vendors who are interested can visit the BXB site to sign up in advance for this unique opportunity to not only sell their products but also learn more about Bitcoin and how to transact in this convenient, cost effective currency.  Rarely are merchants provided an opportunity to have a Bitcoin tutorial on the spot and then put the new currency in action by accepting Bitcoin for their products.

Additionally, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from Támas Blummer, founder and CEO of Bits of Proof.  Bits of Proof currently provides software for the BXB Market.  Throughout and at the conclusion of the evening, attendees are encouraged to trade Bitcoins with others in the old fashioned way and spend newly purchased Bitcoins on unique products from the many merchants present.  As usual, Bitcoin experts will be in attendance to answer any questions from attendees.
One of the perks is that entry to BXB is free for anyone interested.  Attendees are encouraged to set up a Bitcoin Wallet in advance to enjoy the full experience of the event and be prepared to purchase BTC and then in turn purchase some unique products from merchants in attendance.  Bitcoin Exchange Berlin brings out the best of the Bitcoin currency: peer to peer interaction and exchange.  If you are located in Germany or in Europe, Bitcoin Magazine encourages you to stop by BXB on Saturday, August 24.

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Elizabeth serves as Manager of Communications for Bitcoin Magazine, on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors and also as the Chair of the Bitcoin Foundation Education Committee. She first learned about Bitcoin in January 2013 and since then has been all in wanting to promote this fascinating digital, decentralized cryptocurrency which has sparked a movement towards decentralization.

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