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Verso Card – Your New Everyday Wallet

Op-ed - Verso Card – Your New Everyday Wallet

Have you been thinking about a cold storage solution for your Bitcoin? Don’t worry, Verso is here to help. The Swiss-based company has recently released one of the newest and advanced cold storage applications to date. Designed for the Bitcoin community, Verso has created Verso Card, a physical cold storage wallet with military grade security; in addition to the Verso Wallet, the company’s mobile application that accesses the funds on the Verso Card.

Verso Cards are credit card-sized wallets for Bitcoin, which allow you to carry your digital currency wherever you go with utmost security. The front of the card reveals the address of your card, encoded in the form of a QR code. This allows people to send you Bitcoin with any wallet software. The back of Verso Card holds a strongly encrypted version of your private key, one that can only be opened with your password.

Even further, the card itself is a thing of beauty. There is no question that Verso put the effort into creating one of the best looking cold storage solutions in the Bitcoin community, not to mention one of the most secure. Whether you are a Bitcoin novice or expert, Verso Card is extremely usable and familiar. Put Verso in your wallet, under your bed, or anywhere you like - you are in control of your money.

Verso Wallet is a pivotal partner to Verso Card. It is a cross-platform mobile Bitcoin wallet, available on iOS, Android, and soon Windows Phone. Don’t smash your iPhone yet, Verso gives you everything you need. The wallet application provides needed management features of your Verso Card, from checking your balance, latest transactions, preferred currency, sharing your address and send Bitcoin. Scan the back of Verso Card, enter your password and you’re in your wallet.

For Verso, security has been a large focus. This is why each private key and password is protected by a military-grade AEG-256 algorithm. “The private key is only known by the user and is under no circumstance communicated to any server. It is generated on the client side at the time of purchase using multiple sources of entropy, and is immediately encrypted with the user password using military-grade security,” the company stated in a recent press release.Hacking is virtually impossible with Verso. In order to have access to your wallet, a thief would have to know your password and actually possess your Verso Card. Because your password is created at time of purchase, there is no server that is storing your important personal information, which is similar to other Bitcoin wallets.

The company currently is shipping its Verso Silver card and will soon release Verso Gold. The difference between each card revolves around additional security. Verso Gold is equipped with a second layer of authentication, in order to help prevent at attempted brute-force attack. In addition to security, Verso Gold also provides loss protection. As a Gold card holder, Verso stores fragments of your wallet in multiple Swiss bank accounts, so you can recover a digital copy of your Verso Gold in case of loss.

Verso delivers a Bitcoin wallet and storage solution that not only looks amazing, but is extremely easy to use. Each card costs 24.44 mBTC (.02444 BTC or $16 USD), a low cost for keeping your Bitcoin secure. The overall function of each product will attract Bitcoin users of any level, and also help drive mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.

Verso is your new everyday Bitcoin wallet that puts Bitcoin in your hands. For more information, visit