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Cubits Partners with Gobal Payment Provider ApcoPay for Bitcoin Payments

Op-ed - Cubits Partners with Gobal Payment Provider ApcoPay for Bitcoin Payments

Cubits, an all-inclusive platform to buy, sell and manage bitcoin, has entered into a strategic partnership with ApcoPay, a global online payment service provider to enable more than 500 businesses to accept bitcoin, as well as major cards and e-wallets.

“Our collaboration with ApcoPay is another important step for us in bringing Bitcoin to the global marketplace,” said Cubits CEO Tim Rehder. “Through ApcoPay, we reach a wide audience of businesses and can make them aware of Bitcoin’s advantages easier than ever before. It is our main goal to develop a flexible payments ecosystem for merchants and customers alike. With ApcoPay, we found a trusted partner with which to grow.”

Through the partnership, both Cubits and ApcoPay hopes to urge merchants and businesses to accept bitcoin and to protect their funds using the ApcoPay platform, which provides state-of-the-art security and fraud prevention protocols, PCI-DSS compliance, a full anti-fraud prevention suite and 3DSecure.

“We’re very pleased with the transaction and exchange speed of Cubits, and our customers are as well,” said Ian Pellicano, Director of Apco Limited. “With exceptional KYC protocols in place and a product-oriented mindset, we, at ApcoPay, feel that we are in great hands as we begin to offer Cubits’ Bitcoin processing solutions after an easy integration process via Cubits’ API. We look forward to experiencing continued growth with Cubits as the Bitcoin economy matures.”

Continuing its momentum, Cubits will continue to seek payment solution and gateway providers to allow more businesses and merchants to accept bitcoin with ease, “without any need to sign contracts with the payment providers individually.”