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Are Altcoins Bitcoin’s Friends or Enemies?

Altcoins Have A Long Tradition In The Bitcoin Community, But They Tend To Cause A Contentious Divide Among Those Who Think They’re Useful And Those Who Think They’re All Scams. One Side Of The Argument, Articulated By The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute’s Daniel Krawisz, Is That Altcoins Have No Chance Of Success And Distract Possible Users From Bitcoin, While The Other Side, Articulated By Many Ethereum Supporters, Believe Platforms Such As Bitcoin And Ethereum Can Work Together. Johnny Dilley, ...

Holberton School Begins Tracking Student Academic Credentials on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Educational Institutions Are Turning Their Attention To The Public Blockchain To Record And Verify Student Credentials. Under Normal Circumstances, Recording Student Achievements Using Paperwork Can Be Labor-Intensive And Costly, Making Blockchain A Significant Step Toward Maximizing Cheapness, Security And Transparency. Holberton School Of Software Engineering, Based In San Francisco, Is Now Actively Recording Student Achievements Through Blockchain. In October 2015, The Institution ...

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