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A Look at Cryptonator

Op-ed - A Look at Cryptonator

Figuring out cryptocurrency conversions can be a difficult task – especially when you have an exact amount you would like to convert, say 0.22 BTC to DOGE. There are plenty of tools out there that will get you to the correct conversion eventually, but Cryptonator is the first cryptocurrency converter that works directly from the Chrome browser.

Launched in February, Cryptonator is an online cryptocurrency calculator that allows instant conversion of over 300 cryptocurrencies into currencies, including USD and Euro, with a single click. The platform is available online and as a free Chrome extension. It supports popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Auroracoin, and some interesting ones like NoodlyAppendageCoin and Magic Internet Money. Cryptonator gives users a way to see what their coins are worth.

A user’s most important cryptocurrencies can be customized to Pinned Rates for quick access and real time monitoring. Calculations are completed through using the volume-weighted average of the selected cryptocurrency prices across major online exchanges. Each calculation is accurate and precise, because Cryptonator is synchronized with all major online exchanges. Rates on Cryptonator update every 30-seconds, assuring users that they will get their exchange at accurate rates when converting cryptocurrencies to USD, EU or other cryptocurrency.

The Chrome extension itself has great aesthetics and is easy for anyone to use. I spent nearly an hour finding out how much of the nearly 300 cryptocurrencies I could exchange for 1 BTC. The ability to customize pinned rates means that users will no longer have to visit multiple exchanges to check cryptocurrency values. Cryptonator makes us realize just how large the crypto community has become and provides an incredibly useful tool for everyone interested in virtual currency.

The company is also currently in development of the Cryptonator mobile application, which will include additional features not seen within the web or Chrome platforms. Those additional features have yet to be seen.

Overall, Cryptonator provides a solution to a common problem: how do I quickly convert cryptocurrency? Furthermore, this platform provides accuracy and ease of use and eliminates the need for visiting multiple sites to find current rates. Cryptonator’s Chrome extension is currently free and can be downloaded here.

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