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Video: Debunking Seven Misconceptions About Bitcoin With Lyn Alden

On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, macroeconomist Lyn Alden discusses her work "7 Misconceptions About Bitcoin."
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Listen To This Episode:

On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host Christian Keroles sat down with macro economic analyst and high-level thinker Lyn Alden to discuss her recent piece titled "7 Misconceptions About Bitcoin."

In the piece, Alden breaks down what she considers to be the most common misunderstandings or objections to Bitcoin, and explains why these do not bear out under scrutiny. Ultimately, Alden argues, they will not negatively impact Bitcoin or the investment thesis into Bitcoin. 

This is an excellent episode for Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to sharpen their arguments, as well as new entrants into Bitcoin interested in learning why Bitcoin makes sense as a part of a balanced portfolio. This podcast is full of intelligent and articulate ways of defending and explaining how and why Bitcoin will continue to increase in usefulness and value. 

You can find Alden's original article here.

On this episode, Keroles and Alden discuss the following topics:

  • Alden's motivations for writing the recent article
  • How looking at bitcoin's history in log reveals that what many consider a bubble actually looks more like a pattern
  • Alden's opinion on Bitcoin's subsidy halvings
  • Why Alden likes to discuss things in terms of probabilities
  • Why bitcoin's intrinsic value is zero 
  • Altcoin and fork issues
  • The point of view that bitcoin is too volatile 
  • How bitcoin is catching on with gold investors
  • Questions about whether governments will ban Bitcoin 
  • Arguments that Bitcoin isn’t scalable 
  • Arguments that Bitcoin wastes energy 
  • Why investors should dollar-cost average (DCA) into bitcoin instead of trade