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This is a promoted article provided by Cove Markets.

A new platform demonstrating unique value in the Bitcoin space, Cove Markets enables customers to manage accounts with multiple exchange platforms and aggregate huge amounts of data, ensuring the optimum experience to help traders and investors work at their best.

Although the past year has been a wildly successful year for the world’s number-one cryptocurrency, the volatility has been intense and tough to navigate at times. Traders witnessed that volatility last year during the COVID-19 outbreak and again this week. In fact, on Wednesday, fluctuations in bitcoin’s price were so extreme that there was a difference of more than $1,000 between exchanges at certain times. How can a trader manage that risk? For starters, they can look at the True Price, calculated by Cove Markets, which is a more accurate reflection of what bitcoin’s price actually is based on liquidity across the various exchanges.

Of course, True Price is only one piece of the puzzle for figuring out how to navigate the crypto market. And with the possibilities for financial success in the world of cryptocurrency opening wider than ever before, huge numbers of people have been entering the space for the very first time and will be looking for a platform that has what they need.

But when entering this space, bitcoin traders have to keep a lot of balls in the air to be able to stay one step ahead of a quickly changing market. What’s more, there are dozens of different cryptocurrency exchanges, big and small, many offering wildly different services and functionalities in terms of order types. To be able to fully engage with the world of cryptocurrency, it may be necessary for a user to actively maintain accounts with several different exchanges. Access to a full range of order type options is also crucial for navigating the space and taking full advantage of volatility and specific events, as well as maintaining a healthy risk management strategy when offline, asleep, or otherwise indisposed.

To help with all of these challenges, Cove Markets has all the tools to help traders excel in the market. Once a customer signs up for an account, they will be able to take advantage of several key features.

First of all, the platform serves as a great data aggregation tool and analysis metric to track prices, trades, potential trading opportunities and more, all using data harvested from a very wide net of cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, traders are able to connect directly with many cryptocurrency exchanges, including many of the most high-profile names, such as Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Binance, Gemini, Bitfinex, Bitstamp and more. Traders always want to find the best price for an asset, but they can only take advantage of hot deals on one particular platform if they have an active account with that service.

With Cove Markets, users can look through all of these factors at a glance, and are able to execute the best trades on any platform with the push of a button. Of course, this also means that traders can access all of the aforementioned non-standard order types, going beyond the basics like market and limit, to things like stop market, stop limit, pegged top, trailing stop and take profit trades.

While many cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms offer only the basics, Cove Markets continues to innovate to stay ahead of its competition. That innovative spirit has led to the development of investor tools, such as recurring buys and an index buyer, that will provide customers with endless opportunities to take advantage of a volatile but rewarding financial market.

Recurring buys allow traders to purchase fixed amounts of cryptocurrencies over a certain period of time at specific intervals. This is especially valuable for those who enjoy the approach of dollar-cost averaging over time. The index buyer tool will allow customers to trade a basket of digital assets in order to gain exposure to a variety of projects and diversify their portfolios. Both of these tools highlight the ingenuity of Cove Markets and demonstrate that its platform is a must have for those seeking to take advantage of every money-making opportunity in the crypto market.

Additionally, for a limited time only, Cove Markets is offering a promotional bonus for new users. For the next 30 days, those who sign up for a new account with Cove Markets will get a $20 bonus paid to their account, paid out, of course, in bitcoin. Those who wish to take advantage of this promotion can do so through the referral link here.

In short, the possibilities afforded to both new and veteran traders through the platform of Cove Markets are substantial. The market for bitcoin is doing head-and-shoulders better than it ever has before, but even amidst this value there is great volatility. And with that volatility, comes a great possibility for profit. Those wishing to really maximize their opportunities in the open cryptocurrency market can do no better than with Cove Markets.