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A Word from the CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmarkers

Op-ed - A Word from the CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmarkers

This past week, Bitmarkers launched to integrate Bitcoin into the commercial casino market. Bitmarkers provides services to individuals interested in traveling to and enjoying the gambling hub of the world, Las Vegas, but with the Bitcoin currency. Those interested can work through Bitmarkers to book a hotel, determine the amount to gamble, fund and get started with a Bitmarkers account, receive floor credit to gamble with, fly to Vegas, and cash out on the casino floor or receive payout in BTC. CEO and Co-Founder, Ardon Lukasiewicz, provided an overview of Bitmarkers:

Bitmarkers is bringing the excitement of bitcoin to Las Vegas. By introducing their risk-free system to integrate bitcoin with commercial casinos’ $140bn+ market, they have defined a new market for casinos. Bitmarkers is the simplest, most private, and cost saving solution to transferring money in and out of casinos for all types and levels of play. By utilizing casinos’ interest-free loans called markers, a player can now fund their Bitmarkers account with bitcoin to fund their trip with just a laptop or cell phone. They are tackling the convoluted and costly system of transferring money and protect against money laundering. “Bitcoin is fully traceable and [a] player’s identity is verified through gaming’s trusted third parties,” says Ardon Lukasiewicz CEO of Bitmarkers. Single players in these casinos can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in casino revenue alone and Ardon is excited to introduce these players to a better option which ultimately may be the largest transaction volume increase of practical use in bitcoin history.

Players that use Bitmarkers benefit from frictionless transfers, a simplified marker process by making it digital, increased international privacy, and the removal of a specific player’s country and bank methods that limit their decisions. In doing so, they have created a new way to gamble that is a win-win for players and casinos. Beyond Las Vegas, Bitmarkers has set its sights on international partnered casinos and especially Macau’s robust gaming market. Macau’s market is multiples larger than Las Vegas and has strict transfer rules due to money laundering problems. Currently, Macau’s best option to fund a trip is through VIP groups and loading credit cards at pawn shops for an average 10 cut off the top. By authenticating player identity through Bitmarker’s gateways, they plan to be the most anti-money laundering transfer option and make sending money frictionless to these casinos.

“We envision a player wanting to keep their money in bitcoin for the growth potential, but also because it will enable players a frictionless way to fund their trips,” says Ardon. By keeping a player’s funds in bitcoin, they remove the need to repetitively work with post-trip payment and hurdles. Gambling and bitcoin seems to have a long-term relation in both the online gambling and now the commercial realm. Players can stay up to date on the latest news and gain founder membership to their “secret forums” by applying for their beta at

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