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Bitcoin at the Startup & Tech Mixer in San Francisco

Op-ed - Bitcoin at the Startup & Tech Mixer in San Francisco

If you are in the San Francisco area, there is an event that you won’t want to miss. The Startup and Tech Mixer is taking place at the W Hotel and begins today, Friday, February 7th. Whether you are attending to learn, connect, create new possibilities for yourself, or simply to have fun, Startup and Tech Mixer has something for everyone.

The event will feature leading innovators in the tech space, and guest speakers from leading Bitcoin companies like BitPay and BitGive. Topics will range from “The Future of Giving” to “To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin,” along with many others related to providing guidance to startup companies and recent innovations in technology.

This year’s Startup and Tech Mixer will be sponsored by BitPay, W San Francisco, BPM and GoBold.Ly.

A little about Startup and Tech Mixer: We want to provide a meaningful experience for the Startup & Technology community by cultivating powerful opportunities to connect, learn, share, and inspire others outside of what is expected. The goal is to create socially-inspired spaces that are designed to unite people and foster authentic connections. We aim to achieve real connections by challenging how participants interact with each other and the world around them, and to create an environment of trust, curiosity, love, growth – and most importantly, fun.

Whether you are an avid Bitcoiner or are just looking to get started, this event will provide insight into the fastest growing digital currency. Attendance is limited, so arrive early!

For information, event schedule and to attend the event, visit