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Bitcoin Panel Featured at the LeWeb London Conference

Op-ed - Bitcoin Panel Featured at the LeWeb London Conference

Yesterday, the Bitcoin Currency was featured at yet another prominent venue, the LeWeb London Conference. Martin Bryant (Managing Editor, The Next Web) moderated a panel entitled, “The Pros & Cons of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Community was successfully represented by Tony Gallippi (CEO, BitPay), Roger Ver (Founder & CEO,, and Shakil Khan (Head of Special Projects, Spotify and Founder, Coindesk). LeWeb London hoped to address some of the questions surrounding this digital, decentralized, cryptocurrency.

As the first panelist to speak, Roger Ver framed Bitcoin in a positive light stating, “if you are using money in your business, you should be using Bitcoin.” Ver explained that Bitcoin has enabled for the first time in the entire history of the world payment from one person to another anywhere around the world. Ver explained that through Bitcoin, individuals have a tool that enables greater control over their finances. Ver made his intentions clear and his support of the Bitcoin currency evident explaining that his goal will be achieved when at least everyone has heard of Bitcoin and at least has the option to use it if they choose. Despite initial steps of government regulation of the Bitcoin currency, Ver explained that even if governments decide they would like to eliminate Bitcoin completely, the only way they can do so would be by shutting down the internet completely. Ver highlighted that millions of dollars a month are being spent on real businesses through the Bitcoin currency.

BitPay Co-Founder and CEO, Tony Gallippi, followed up by explaining the merits of Bitcoin as an open source peer to peer payment network. Gallippi expressed that Bitcoin will continue to become successful and mainstream, and there will be a point in which many will start using Bitcoin and not even realize they are using it. Bitcoin serves as an expedient mechanism to get payment from Point A to Point B.

Shakil Khan discussed his first encounter with the Bitcoin currency and why he has now chosen to invest in Bitcoin startups and run Bitcoin news site, Coindesk. Shakil also emphasized the need to have information available for individuals and businesses seeking to invest in Bitcoin. As Bitcoin continues to grow in prominence, Shakil hopes to facilitate education on the interaction between Bitcoin and financial systems.

Of course, moderator, Martin Bryant, posed the typical, “who is Satoshi,” question. Gallippi responded candidly that no matter who founded Bitcoin, the currency is now having a positive impact and thriving. We can look forward to continuing to see Bitcoin as a topic of conversation and a credible payment mechanism.