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We’re on a Mission from Doge: Burning Man Part I

As a proponent of Open Source, and Decentralized Technologies, I am absolutely enamoured to be participating at Burning Man 2014 to promote the most subversive technology on the planet, Dogecoin.

“Let us leave good sense behind like a hideous husk and hurl ourselves, like fruit spiced with pride, into the immense mouth and breast of the world! Let us feed the unknown, not from despair, but simply to enrich the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!”

As a proponent of Open Source, and Decentralized Technologies, I am absolutely enamoured to be participating at Burning Man 2014 to promote the most subversive technology on the planet, Dogecoin.

Burning Man may be described as a miraculous free-forming anarchistic love city. This is where many of the world’s most forward thinking creative thought leaders meet every year to cross-pollinate ideas. Some of its basic tenets include gifting, radical inclusion, participation, and communal effort. When you start analyzing it, this bears striking similarities to the fun loving Dogecoin community, and Open Source Culture.


If you dig even deeper you start to see Burning Man as a kind of Proto-city for an Open Source Society, a type of “Social Operating System”; even its city map resembles a giant upside down Open Source logo. Coincidence? Probably, but who cares.

Organized by Gary Lachance of The Decentralized Dance Party, if you’ve never heard of the DDP but care about Decentralization and Open Source, you should definitely get to know who these guys and gals are.

“Much like Open-Source software, a DDP is a peer-produced, collaborative undertaking. Everyone pools their talents and energies to create and refine an ever-evolving manifestation of their hearts’ desires. People build sound systems in shopping carts and baby carriages, construct insane backpack-borne laser light shows, crowd-surf each other up escalators, construct hilarious costumes, and perform epic dance routines for everyone to enjoy. It all coalesces into an anarchic explosion of collaborative creativity that drives the energy and excitement to unimaginable heights.”

-Gary Lachance

This will be the first Crypto themed camp at Burning Man ever. Gary has been tirelessly promoting Open Source and Decentralization for over 10 years, creating countless writings on the topic, including his Grand Decentralization Theory, Privacy Is The Enemy. He argues that we must transition into our inevitable future in a fun and safe way – that’s where The Doge comes in.

At Burning Man, they operate on a “Gifting Economy” where everything in the city is given for free and the stigma of money, even Bitcoin, may leave a sour taste in their mouth. That’s why we’ve decided to preface the conversation and spike our Kool-aid with Doge. For the unfathomable reservoirs of the absurd will never run dry nor will man’s thirst ever be quenched. We set out on an epic quest for the betterment of mankind…we’re on a mission from Doge.

Mission: To evangelize why decentralized technology will completely subvert our legacy models of socio-economic organizations – how it will topple hierarchal systems of control, coercion, and any other oppressive noun you can think of. We’ll be promoting everything from Decentralized currencies, DAO’s, DAPPs, Crowdfunding, Decentralized Government, Transparency, Absurdity, Mesh Networks, and more. Most importantly I would like to help prove to Burning Man that cryptocurrency can be used to fund their projects and bring people together in a unique way that is akin to their ethos.

We want you: If you’re going to Burning Man this year and want to help us take Doge to the moon, stop everything you’re doing and please read this beautiful document, and then get in contact with either me or Gary ASAP. In terms of next year, I’m quite certain we’ll be working with many other crypto enthusiasts such as the Ethereum team to setup some kind of Crypto themed camp.

Donations: This trip was organized last minute and any donations to the cause would be extremely beneficial. Please do not tip to my author addresses and use these instead!


I’ll be reporting back at the end of our trip to for Part 2 of Burning Man, complete with pictures, stories, and personal revelations.