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Video: Bitcoin For The Masses With Alex Adelman Of Lolli

Alex Adelman, CEO of Lolli, discusses bitcoin as the ultimate cash-back rewards point and plans for adding more merchants.
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Listen To This Episode:

On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with Lolli CEO Alex Adelman.

Adelman is a long-time entrepreneur in the cash-back and rewards space and his entrance into the Bitcoin ecosystem has been game changing. Lolli leverages bitcoin as a universal, incredibly liquid rewards point and has proven that it can drive real volume for retailers with sats-back rewards. Lolli has many of your favorite merchants listed and it offers an easy and simple way to interface with the Bitcoin network. Most importantly for Bitcoiners, Lolli educates newbies about Bitcoin and allows them to withdraw their bitcoin to their own wallets.

Lolli has exciting plans for the future and Adelman is optimistic about onboarding more mainstream retailers to the earning potential that bitcoin-back rewards can provide them.

Specific topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Lolli's groundbreaking approach to bitcoin as a universal rewards point
  • How Lolli positioned itself to be successful with demographics outside of the normal BTC space
  • Adelman's mental model for Bitcoin
  • The potential of sats as a universal reward point
  • What's next for Lolli and sats back?
  • What are conversations with retailers like?
  • Are executives getting interested in bitcoin beyond just thinking of it as a marketing engine with Lolli?