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Bitcoin Magazine would like to thank you for first visiting our news site, for taking a look at our print magazines and for many, ordering a subscription to Bitcoin Magazine. Since we first released our first print magazine issue, the Bitcoin currency has grown to a significant level of prominence. Bitcoin Magazine has now released 12 issues. That means that for several of you, it is time to renew your subscription.

While you can order individual issues, we encourage you to take up the opportunity TODAY to renew your subscription in full for another year OR start up a subscription TODAY!

As the Bitcoin currency continues to flourish and as digital currencies become the norm, you will want to regularly receive your copy of Bitcoin Magazine.

As we continue into Bitcoin Magazine’s second year, we have expanded to now have a digital edition and have welcomed and continue to welcome some new writers to the team!

We plan to keep you informed on the latest news in the Bitcoin community and provide more in-depth articles on this fascinating digital, decentralized cryptocurrency through a monthly tangible copy of Bitcoin Magazine!

If you have any questions about the current status of your subscription, please contact us at

We look forward to signing you up for a full year subscription to Bitcoin Magazine!