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Swarm #1: Tom and Gary’s Global Party Pandemic

Digital assets - Swarm #1: Tom and Gary’s Global Party Pandemic

I love decentralized systems and activities and chose to write about decentralized art for Issue 21. In the list of 10 examples of decentralized art, I included a bonus example that I found on YouTube. The Decentralized Dance Party has been held in close to 29 cities throughout Canada and the US. All of their 20+ kickstarters were successfully funded, and a couple of parties were sponsored by corporate partners like Rayovac and AMD.This time around Tom and Gary are upping the ante and throwing a global party titled the Global Party Pandemic. They hope to raise the funds for this massive party using Swarm's 2.0 platform along with tokens called PEACEBOND. I was able to catch up with him just before Jef Cavens struck the ceremonial gong that began Swarm's Class #1 demo presentations in a conference room at the Rosewood Sandhill Hotel.

Party Doge update copy

Ruben Alexander:

What equipment is used in a Decentralized Dance Party (DDP)?

Gary Lachance: The DDP is a very complicated thing to put together. Which is why we've been working on a thing called the official DDP field manual. Which is a 200 page book. Half of it is technical and half of it is decentralized philosophy. And 100 technical pages cover everything that goes on in successfully and safely hosting a party:

  • Finding the boom boxes to testing the boom boxes
  • Preparing [the boom boxes] for the party
  • Getting all the pieces together to build your own FM transmitter
  • Putting that all in a backpack
  • Everything you need for microphones
  • Building your playlist
  • Planning the perfect party route
  • Picking the perfect starting point where everyone will meet
  • Promoting [the DDP] online to attract the right crowd
  • [Choosing] the team you'll need to lead [the DDP] from start to finish (we recommend 8 people)

Documenting [the DDP] and sharing it is a huge undertaking. Just preparing each boombox takes an hour. A full scale [DDP] is 100 boom boxes or 100 hours. It is not something you can just throw together. Very few people in the world have put them together even though the idea has been out there for 5 years since we started doing [DDPs].

Can you talk about PEACEBONDS token?

We got this crazy idea where we are going to use peace bonds to crowdfund a world tour. And basically how that is going to work is, through the magic of Swarm and Dogeparty, we'll issue 1 million Peace Bonds. We'll also have a physical counterpart that will look something like that (Gary shows a printed peace bond design). Basically the plan is to sell 1 million peace bonds at 2 dollars a piece to fund this world tour where we are going to bring everyone together and unite the world in a simultaneous global dance party.We'll win the Nobel Prize (1.2 million dollar award) for partying and in our acceptance speech ... we'll propose that all the countries of the world should allocate 50 of their defense budget for the next year to partying. [After the global dance party] Once a million dollars has [been used].After we've partied together, world peace will be achieved and we'll win the Nobel Prize again. That's another million dollars. Then we can pay back everyone that invested to make it happen. That is pretty much the plan.

Gary explained that his partner in partying, Tom, had left on a spontaneous elk hunting trip in Washington and wasn't available for DDP's announcement of their crowd sale.