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Node5 to Host Bitcoin Lecture in the Czech Republic

Op-ed - Node5 to Host Bitcoin Lecture in the Czech Republic

On Saturday, December 4 and 7, Node5 will host lectures on Bitcoin in the Czech Republic. Node 5 serves as a startup community and coworking center in Prague, Czech Republic.

The main purpose of the December 4 and 7 events are to conduct a Bitcoin educational event, consisting of two parts. Both segments aim to teach the audience how to get the best experience when using Bitcoins. The first event, from 7PM till 9:30PM, is a free lecture, aimed at providing general insight into Bitcoins for beginners. You can find the programme in Czech and in English here. The second event, on December 7 from from 11 to 3PM, is a workshop aimed at those who who already have previous experience with Bitcoin. Tickets are priced at 5000, -Kc (approx. $247). You can registerhere.

Node5 provided the following description for the December 4 free lecture:

We are pretty sure that most of you have heard of Bitcoins at least once so far. Actually, there are so much rumors around now, that the topic is undoubtedly worth to keep an eye on.

Now we are proud to invite you to the Bitcoin event at Node5, aimed to give you an insight. It’s going to consist of two parts: intro lecture for those who had never had anything to do with Bitcoins, and a workshop for those who are more advanced.

We offer amazing speakers and guests to chat with!

The Intro event is completely free to participate and will be held in Czech.


1. Cryptocurrency, general terms, why is it needed. How to make money from it.

2. Registration in Bitcoins network. Principles of trading. Getting started. Bitcoins arbitrage.

3. Introduction into mining.

Node5 was created with the mission to educate, accelerate and promote tech and innovative entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. Node5 brings together entrepreneurs, programmers, business angels and designers to share ideas and work together. Some of the innovative start ups already members of the Node5 community can be found here. Partners of Node5 include Google, Samson, Phillips and many more companies have expressed interest in Node5 projects. Node5 also has a strong team of mentors to assist startups and entrepreneurs.

Node5’s lecture on Bitcoin will ideally spark conversation between entrepreneurs and tech professionals as to how to integrate this fascinating currency into current business models and additionally create new businesses. Bitcoin automatically permits businesses to operate without borders as the currency can be sent between any two individuals with an internet connection.