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Introducing The Best Of Bitcoin Magazine

To help showcase our history of telling Bitcoin's best stories, we’ve compiled a new resource: the Best of Bitcoin Magazine.

Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has been providing insight, analysis and thought leadership about the Bitcoin space — the first publication of any kind to commit to doing so.

Thanks to some prescience about how truly revolutionary this technology would prove to be, we have had the chance to bear witness to the space’s most foundational events, to elevate insightful voices and tell the stories that mirror BTC’s journey as a whole. To help showcase this history, we’ve compiled a new resource to help our readers: the Best of Bitcoin Magazine

Visit our directory of Bitcoin Magazine’s best stories to learn more about this technology, the culture it has inspired and the events that have shaped it.

Across a dozen categories representing the primary entry points into Bitcoin, this directory organizes and highlights the most important stories in our archives. Though some date as far back as 2012, each brings perspective and insight that is just as relevant today as when it was first published. Here you will find philosophical pieces that help explain why Bitcoin is necessary, the history of technical progress in each Bitcoin Core release, descriptions of the layers that make using Bitcoin more private and more.

We’re proud of our legacy of producing excellent written content about Bitcoin, and this is our way of helping readers old and new discover and interact with that legacy. As we continue our mission to spread the word of BTC and elevate its community, we’ll be sure to keep this directory updated. 
We want to thank the readers who have supported us and made it possible to publish so many great articles over the years. It’s our hope that the Best of Bitcoin Magazine will bring these stories, and the larger narrative of this magical internet money, to more of those who should be reading them.