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“The Biz” with John Carvalho kicked off its first episode with a bang in a long-form interview with Austin Hill, former CEO of Zero Knowledge Systems and former CEO of Blockstream. Hill shared a detailed history of what it was like to design and launch privacy-centric products in the early days of the internet, including some great anecdotes from interacting with big corporations and government agencies using his products.

Hill explained how Blockstream raised so much money so early into the Bitcoin movement, how employees were given BTC payment options and offered some fun stories about the scaling wars and FUD cycle against Blockstream from shitcoiners.

After the walk down memory lane, Carvalho and Hill talked a bit about the value and nuance of bringing people together to collaborate on open-source projects, while competing with a world of “shit” investments like ICOs and sc-ifi altcoins. Hill also talked about his concerns about the future of AI, UBI and more. This interview is required listening for any cypherpunk, Bitcoin enthusiast or entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency world.