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Leland is a lifelong entrepreneur and he has created several small businesses, pioneered podcasting and founded one of the largest podcasting events in the world. He has since fallen deep down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and become an instrumental member of the Bitcoin community. Leland has gone all in on Bitcoin in a number of ways, first with his investments but also with his time, businesses and energy. Leland has founded one of the best Bitcoin events in North America in BitBlockBoom, which is held in Dallas, Texas. He also hosts a daily Bitcoin podcast and monthly Bitcoin Maximalist BBQs.

Leland and Keroles discussed the benefits of selling all of the fiat collectibles and stores of value for bitcoin. Leland has personally sold thousands of dollars’ worth of memorabilia in order to buy bitcoin. He is confident that bitcoin will serve his children much better as a fungible store of value and it relieves him to remove clutter from his life. Leland is an incredible example of the positives that come from embracing Bitcoin. Please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Gary Leland.

Topics discussed include:

  • Going all in on Bitcoin
  • The Bitcoin bull run
  • BitBlockBoom 2021
  • Bitcoin 2021
  • Embracing Bitcoin culture
  • Texas Bitcoin and freedom
  • Selling your stuff for bitcoin
  • Educating Boomers on Bitcoin

Learn more about BitBlockBoom here. Follow Gary on Twitter.