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Curiously enough, the structures that humanity relies upon have been upended by humanity itself. The monetary system, much of our social fabric and our relationship with the State at large have been fractured by problematic abuse.

And yet, Bitcoin promises something different through the various ways in which it optimizes human resourcefulness.

By eliminating inflation, the work necessary to maintain standards of living constantly decrease, rather than increase. By doing away with cheap access to near unlimited credit, capital will be more efficiently allocated. This is the optimization of human resources on a grand scale — all working components of the economy, from the little to the small, will be returned to their natural, uninflated state.

Bitcoin, rather than requiring you to trade your time for capital to be expensed on living, allows one to accumulate capital sufficient to allow for focus beyond living expenses. This grand freedom is inexpressibly important to the future of humanity. Only by allowing people to do what they believe they are best at (and, therefore, most efficient at) will we achieve the optimization of human resources. And people can only do what they believe they are best at when they no longer feel it is necessary to expend their time by accumulating constantly-depreciating fiat capital.

Bitcoin Is Humanity Concentrating Its Resources

Humanity, at large, has been crushed for productivity ever since the Industrial Revolution. To produce such immense technology and industry, an immense sacrifice of time has been required. In a modern digital world, one in which we constantly dematerialize various aspects of our lives, we must dematerialize the sacrifice of our time for wage-labor. Only through these digital media in which profit margin is infinite and goods are shipped instantaneously across the world can humans produce value sufficient to create living conditions we see as desirable for everyone.

This doesn’t mean that we should completely forsake physical labor — rather, the natural progression of an ever-increasingly efficient society would be that physical labor is to be dematerialized as much as possible. We don’t have toll-takers or switchboard operators anymore. And yet, there aren’t any switch operator unions campaigning to regress to previous communication media. This is because nothing happens overnight, and much as the world itself adapts to new technology, so do those whose jobs are impacted. Adaptation is the natural state of the world, and technologies changing industry doesn’t alter that.

Bitcoin channels the powerful forces of human ingenuity and progress. By embracing the rapid changes of Bitcoin, we can anticipate and accelerate the concentrated utility inherent to it.

If we consider Bitcoin as concentrated energy, we can look forward to the future with optimism.

This is a guest post by Casey. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.