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Getting the Information Out on the Value and Utility of BTC

Op-ed - Getting the Information Out on the Value and Utility of BTC

As Bitcoin has grown in prominence, so has the number of individuals and organizations concerned about spreading the truth of the value and utility of this digital, decentralized, cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin community is at a crux and education is needed to push Bitcoin to an even higher level of prominence. How could anyone turn down Bitcoin after understanding the convenience and utility of this currency? Beyond facilitating financial transactions, the Bitcoin currency exemplifies free market ideals and limited government principles which prompt economic and societal success in local, state, and national governments.

As some still hold to the misperception that Bitcoin only benefits a select few or is only of interest to those in the software development community, an increased number of Bitcoin Evangelists have emerged to share of the benefits of this innovative currency to all people. One of the main forces in getting the word out is Bitcoin Reddit. Reddit, founded in 2005, touts itself as being, “the front page of the internet.” Bitcoin Reddit provides an open forum for users to post articles of importance and comment to foster a discussion within the Bitcoin community. Along the same lines as Bitcoin Reddit, the Bitcoin Forum creates discussions based around particular areas of significance in the Bitcoin community such as development and technical issues, mining, technical support, economics, trading, politics and society, and international discussion boards.

Individuals are also stepping out to share their thoughts on the validity of the Bitcoin currency through blog sites such as BTC Math. BTC Math was founded by Noah Silverman, doctoral candidate in Statistics at UCLA, to cover Bitcoin related finance topics. Silverman predominantly focuses on the quantitative issues that arise from the nature of Bitcoin markets. Similar to BTC Math, The Standard Bit, serves as a Wall Street Insider’s Guide to Bitcoin and the emerging virtual currency space. Launched by Jonathan Silverman, a former trader on Wall Street, The Standard Bit serves as another specialized blog to provide insight to those considering investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Magazine hopes to continue to foster the spread of knowledge within the Bitcoin community and to help provide tools for individuals who have yet to learn about all the merits of this decentralized and efficient currency. We want to hear from you. Please email me if you would like us to feature your Bitcoin related blog and or business. Let’s continue to foster a dialogue over the numerous benefits and value of Bitcoin.