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Cyprus: A Wake Up Call, Documentary by Bitcoin Magazine and GoldMoney

Op-ed - Cyprus: A Wake Up Call

By now, we are all aware of the financial calamity that has befallen Cyprus in the past three weeks. Since the deposit haircut was first announced and banks were shut down, many have lost their jobs as businesses suddenly find themselves without the means to pay anyone, others have seen their plans for retirement ruined, the economy has largely reverted to cash, and the banking sector, one of the two key pillars of Cyprus' economy together with tourism, will never be the same again.

We at Bitcoin Magazine and the team behind GoldMoney GoldMoney, however, have decided to actually go to Cyprus and see what the locals themselves have to say. The result: our first ever video co-production, Cyprus - A Wake Up Call: Rethinking Money, a short 15-minute documentary produced by Mihai Alisie from Bitcoin Magazine, Paul Buitink and Ian Jessep from GoldMoney, and Trace Mayer, who has participated in both organizations.

We are very excited to be able to bring this to the public, as this is our first major foray into both video production and in-depth investigative journalism. And, rest assured, this will not be our last. As Bitcoin Magazine continues to grow we will continue to improve on the quality of both our journalism and our presentation, including growing into other forms of media such as videos and podcasts. For now though, enjoy the video!