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Blockgeeks Partners With Bitbuy to Help New Users Buy Bitcoin

Blockgeeks’ base of crypto-curious users will now be able to buy bitcoin directly from its site.
Blockgeeks and Bitbuy Help New Users Buy Bitcoin

Blockgeeks and Bitbuy Help New Users Buy Bitcoin

Blockgeeks, an online platform dedicated to blockchain education worldwide, has partnered with cryptocurrency platform Bitbuy to allow its users to buy bitcoin and other crypto assets directly from the Blockgeeks site.

“The partnership has been in the works since early 2019,” Bitbuy Vice President Dean Skurka told Bitcoin Magazine. “We have gotten to know the team from Blockgeeks in the past year, as we are both Toronto based. Bitbuy identified an opportunity for Blockgeeks to offer a simple service for their international audience.”

Ameer Rosic, Blockgeeks’ co-founder, told us that most people underestimate how long things will take. “You think one month, but it ends up [taking] three months.”

“The biggest hurdle was finding a payment processor that could facilitate this partnership and be compliant with an international offering,” Skurka said. He added that payment processor Simplex was able both “to offer this and support multiple fiat and digital currencies.”

Blockgeeks’ site already has acquired a large user base of people just looking to get interested in cryptocurrency, so it will provide the front end of interaction with the new platform.

Rosic claimed that “a large user base of ours kept asking for options since we have users globally” and that Blockgeeks “wanted to make a simple, easy way for them to purchase crypto natively on Blockgeeks.”

Skurka added, “We thought it would be a natural fit to offer a simple buying service to those individuals who have come to Blockgeeks looking to enter the cryptocurrency market.”

With Blockgeeks offering the main platform, Skurka confirmed that “any customer support requests for this service will come directly to the Bitbuy support team who will be answering questions and assisting customers who will be using the service.” He added that Blockgeeks will handle marketing the service to its audience, as well as overseeing the front end user experience.

The initial release of this platform will allow Blockgeeks’ users to purchase bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether and litecoin by credit card, using euros and USD.

“Considering Blockgeeks’s international reach, it was determined we would launch this offering with two of the world’s most far-reaching currencies and build from there,” said Skurka.

Considering that both of these companies are based in Toronto, however, Rosic also confirmed that there are plans in the works to offer Canadian dollar transactions in the future, as well as the British pound. Blockgeeks is also working on additional crypt asset availability.