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Bitcoin Symbol to Be Introduced to Apple and Microsoft Platforms

The tech giants will both be adding the "₿" symbol in new updates and Apple is also adding a CryptoKit for developers.
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Apple and Microsoft have announced a Bitcoin symbol to be included in their upcoming software updates.

These new updates will allow developers and users easy access to the Bitcoin symbol. Apple made several new announcements at WWDC 2019 and recently introduced its SF symbols app, which provides developers that build on the Apple platform a set of symbols to use. Bitcoin is among the thousands of available symbols.

Windows also issued a new update on May 21, 2019, to its Windows 10 Operating System called Version 1903, which adds native support for the Bitcoin “₿.”

The symbol has been available as a Unicode 10.0 character since 2017, but the new update will make is easier for everyday users to add the symbol into text.

In February 2019, Google keyboards added the Bitcoin symbol to its keyboard, but it was only available for iOS users. Shortly after, Microsoft Excel announced support for the Bitcoin symbol. According to the Apple Events Program, Apple will run a session called “Cryptography and Your Apps” on June 5, 2019, to showcase a new framework to help developers perform cryptographic functions. It also introduced “CryptoKit,” a framework that makes it easier and safer for developers to perform these functions.