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Bitcoin: A Great Unifier

Op-ed - Bitcoin: A Great Unifier

What comes to mind first when one thinks about a digital, decentralized currency? For myself, it is the unifying reach Bitcoin has around the world and back. Who would have thought that Satoshi Nakamoto’s initial white paper from October 2008 would spark a revolution of unification, ingenuity and cross cultural, cross race, cross political, cross faith, and cross ideological lines.

After first learning about Bitcoin I initially could not wrap my mind around the idea that I could send money from my cell phone to my relatives in Norway, friends in Washington, DC or my family in New Jersey with just the scan of a QR code. Bitcoin leads us to embrace a world of interconnectedness where we are prompted to and benefit much from learning from people around the world who may be different on paper from us but share a common desire for economic liberty, ingenuity and freedom of speech.

When I began to research further, my eyes were opened to the opportunities Bitcoin provides all people. As an electronic cash system, no attention is paid to one’s faith, race, and gender, as the only connection is one that all people can share, the Internet. As I learned more about just how prudent it would be to get involved in such a currency to promote peace and interconnectedness around the world, I was growing tired of the partisanship on Capitol Hill.

Bitcoin and the ideals behind the currency and community prompt individuals to work together and share ideas from one nation to another between one individual with another regardless of background. In a limited government, free market, liberty promoting community such as that of the Bitcoin ecosystem, much can be accomplished as no gender based, faith based, cultural based, or even socioeconomic based glasses need to be worn.

In addition to providing tremendous economic opportunities, Bitcoin provides a point of connection where two, three, or more can come together and share ideas of best practices having a common bond of wanting an expedient and efficient electronic cash system. Having worked now exclusively in the Bitcoin space for several months, I am amazed at the variety of individuals I have met from around the world of different educational backgrounds, political ideologies, nationalities and life goals.

With the common point of interest in Bitcoin, we have been able to collaborate on projects and together forward the goals of limited government intervention in the economy, freedom of speech, individual rights and liberties, the cause of ingenuity. Most importantly, we have come together to work to preserve and protect the merits of Bitcoin and educate on why and how Bitcoin is one of the best unifiers one can find to bridge a gender, international, cultural, political, educational, career, socioeconomic, faith based, and even generational gap.

I do not know about you, but I hope to continue to learn more from others in the Bitcoin space and I look forward to watching this community growth. On behalf of Bitcoin Magazine, I encourage you to continue to engage and get involved in the Bitcoin community. My one guarantee: be prepared to be challenged, grow and learn much in a short period of time. Why wait?!