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Advanced Bitcoin Quiz. Part Three of Three. Know Thyself

Op-ed - Advanced Bitcoin Quiz. Part Three of Three. Know Thyself

This is the final quiz of a three part series of quizzes designed to assist the reader to know thyself as the great Greek philosopher Socrates once advised.

If you were smart or lucky enough to pass thebeginner and intermediate level bitcoin quizzes, you might be ready for the last part of the bitcoin quiz designed to identify areas you may find yourself in need of a little more knowledge for followup. This final quiz is here for you to find yourself. Perhaps there is a greater calling for you?

The last part of this series is intended to help those possessing the necessary gift or an aptitude for understanding the deeper principles that make digital currencies. There are those among us that have found something deep within, has suddenly and inexplicitly… awoken. Many have reported a strong prompting that creates an obsession. Many have not been able to put their finger on it…this place or this voice inside that creates the obsession about bitcoin and digital currencies. Many have reported that they can’t make the thoughts, or math or philosophy go away, and many have never felt this way about anything else in their lives.

For these people – brick walls do not stop. Brick walls only keep out those who don’t want it bad enough. These three quizzes have acted as filters. They also acted as guides for those curious enough to follow the links to discover the answers they sought. Quite possibly – new audience to bitcoin may have discovered something in this research to spark an element of curiosity. Those of us intense into the topic have found the rabbit hole we have found in common. The final part of this quiz represents the bottom. Once the reader has found the answers to the questions for their own satisfaction, the next door or direction to follow may become obvious based on their natural talents.

Bitcoin needs more developers, testers, teachers and heavily detailed experts to promote, carry forward and lead the next generation of currency, payment systems, economics, data and value transfer systems. The new and upcoming paradigm is still largely an empty canvas waiting for you to paint it. We are Dorthy of the Wizard of Oz who’s old black and white farmhouse has just landed and our black and white existence in the world will soon be redefined in full color as she opens that old beaten down farm door that will lead her outside world of color.

Worlds beyond imagination wait for those with the talent and skills to define it. While most of humankind still grasps at idea that this new invention of unstoppable currency living “in the cloud”. If you’ve completed this final quiz, you are now likely years ahead of most of the world and actually building the roads and bridges that will carry billions of people from the old analog world of currency systems to the new digital paradigm whose time has come.

In the two previous tests, the quizzes were twenty questions and the answers provided at the end. This quiz will consist of only 10 questions. There will be few readers qualified to comprehend this quiz and thus it will be short. There will be no answers provided. This will be for our leaders to decide. We will discover those with the passion and initiative to complete the quiz and validate their own correctness. As the technical crowd does, teams often develop and message forum boards will be the passageways of knowledge. Your help is already there. Bitcoin requires teamwork. Open source software requires teamwork – bitcoin should demand grand-scale teamwork as it is trustless and permission less. If it were to be respected and used by all nations, it will need world-class teamwork. It must continue to withstand hacking – you must outsmart the hackers as well.

When you reach this level of understanding, you know that education does not come from having somebody spoon feed you a quiz with answers, this requires the kind of sweat and tears that separate the genius from the “wannabe”. Knowing the answers to these ten questions proves nothing in itself. But, completing this quiz and verifying the answers hold up may give you some confidence to know who you are and what you were meant to do. Perhaps digital currencies are your destiny. This quiz is not about discovering if you are right, it’s about discovering who you are. Does your fate lie within bitcoin?

  1. What is Ralph Merkle’s contribution to bitcoin?
  2. Who is the person that had a direct link to both Satoshi Nakamoto and PGP encryption corporation? (Bonus) Howwhere do they store their bitcoin (if any)?
  3. Distributed Autonomous Corporations have features that are unlike any regular ‘brick and mortar’ corporations found in many countries. What are three main differences?
  4. Bitcoin network discourages messages in the blockchain, yet allows this. How?
  5. How much do bitcoin nodes get compensated for their efforts? – Who pays?
  6. Where on the internet does one find the official source code to begin adding suggestions and help to test code?
  7. Give three examples of why bitcoin mixing services are needed in legitimate (not illegal) transactions and history.
  8. In what way does NXT coin, Counterparty coin, Ethereum and Mastercoin differ from bitcoin technology?
  9. How does the bitcoin network make the difficulty adjustment every few weeks. What exactly does it do that changes the difficulty?
  10. What is the biggest problem of using brain wallets and why are they discouraged?

If you have the ability to answer these questions, or at least know where to go to find the answers, then you may have the intelligence, tenacity, or the “right stuff” to take a more active role the in the bitcoin community. This quiz was not to find out what you were lucky enough to have stumbled on before finding this test. Consider getting involved and take leadership positions as this may now be your time to make a difference. People might only offered one opportunity in life to change the world; ask yourself if this is your time and place to make a difference and blaze a trail that will be followed for generations. For those that recognize the tell-tale signs of discontent stirring within them – do not sit idly and wait for somebody else to change the world. If you find an inner primal part of you is screaming for a chance to make a difference. Take heed and answer that call.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Gandhi